Whisky Meets Tequila

Hey all!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.  At present, I am sitting here in my den, windows open, sipping a wee dram, and enjoying the sound of a quiet, steady rain.  Bliss.

So this morning while Mr. C was at the liquor store buying tequila to make margaritas, he stumbled upon a newly stocked item – Don Julio Tequila-Reposado, Double Cask.


Did you catch what the box says?  “Finished in casks used in the making of Buchanan’s blended Scotch whisky”.  Holy cow!  What’s that you ask?  Why yes, of course he bought a bottle, silly!

If any of you are familiar with the Don Julio brand, you know that their tequilas are top shelf. Definitely not the stuff of college drinking games.  No.  Don Julio tequilas are like a fine wine or a premium Scotch.  They are meant for sipping (emphasis on sipping-for the love of Pete, please don’t shoot it), savoring, and appreciating all of their fine qualities.  In fact, Don Julio tequilas are so exceptional that they are best enjoyed neat.  No mixer required.

This limited edition item is the first tequila launched by Don Julio in six years.  Just like the regular reposado tequila (meaning ‘rested’), it is aged for eight months in American white oak barrels.  It then spends its final 30 days in barrels that have previously been used to age Buchanan’s Blended Scotch.  The result is quite unlike anything I have ever tasted before.  What a genius idea!


Mr. C and I each did a comparative tasting to see what sort of  ‘nose’ and ‘taste’ we could detect. We both detected peat in the ‘nose’.  What differed between us, though, is that Mr. C tasted the Scotch first followed by the flavor of the tequila, whereas I tasted it the other way around. I thought the tequila was more pronounced at the beginning with a Scotch finish.  I looked up Don Julio’s web site and this is how they describe it:

Nose:  Tropical fruits and mild vanilla with peaty notes

Taste:  Pomme fruits and honeyed notes of agave

Finish:  Spicy and peaty

No matter how your palette interprets this tequila, there is probably one thing we could agree upon.  It is unique, rich, complex, and delicious.  If you love tequila and you love Scotch, you really must give this a try.

Have a terrific week, friends.



*Featured Image courtesy of Pixabay.

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