Canceled Plans

Sadness permeates my heart this morning as I sit in my den, sipping my coffee in the quiet and the dark. Mr. C and I were supposed to be on our way to Washington D.C. in a few hours where we were to have caught an evening flight to London and then another to Glasgow. This time tomorrow, we would have been in our little rental car, traveling north on the A9, our stomachs fluttering with the excitement and anticipation of arriving at Muckrach Castle, our very own Highland home-away-from-home for two full weeks.

Instead, like most of you, my day will be spent at my own home – just another day in the Great Pandemic of 2020.

We are extremely fortunate that we didn’t lose any money in this whole situation. Savills, the agent that represents the castle, was kind enough to let us push our reservation out a year. Our travel insurance company gave us a voucher, and after two calls and (only) about two and a half hours of phone time, I was able to secure a full refund from British Airways.

Still, here it is. Friday, May 15. The day I have looked forward to for a year. I can’t help it if I feel a bit melancholy.

So to console myself, I think that later today I will spend some time in my garden. Drink a little whisky. Maybe listen to some Celtic tunes. And dream of next spring, when I will once again be free to be back in the place that I love.


29 thoughts on “Canceled Plans

  • I feel your pain. We were to go to the UK in a week and visit good friends, also meeting up with Canadian friends who would have been there at the same time. It was all organized and paid for. We have got refunds as well but said not to be able to see friends.But at least we are all safe and healthy. We also did yard work today! Hang in there. xo

    • I am so sorry. What a frustrating time! I’m glad you were able to get refunds as well. And you are right about being safe and healthy. That’s the most important thing when it comes down to it. Is Spain beginning to reopen yet?

      • Spain is slowly relaxing the lockdown rules but it will be awhile until we can drive outside our community. Sme bars and coffee shops are open but just the outdoor seating and with social distancing. Thankfully hairdressers and barbers are open!

      • Sounds like things are at least hopeful. Most of Virginia entered phase one on Friday (except for the highly populated area around D.C.). Non-essential retail and churches can open at 50% capacity, salons are open with restrictions, and restaurants can seat a few people outdoors. It does feel like the city is starting to coming alive again.

  • Yes, it’s so sad that we can’t travel at the moment. I should be on an eight days holiday too since Monday. Down the river Rhine to Belgium and the Netherlands. Let’s hope it will be over soon!
    XOXO Reni

    • Oh, that sounds like it would have been wonderful. So many people have been disappointed. I think we’ll all appreciate travel even more when we can go again.

  • Very sorry for that, who would have thought the entire planet would be in this situation?! I’m so glad you didn’t lose any money on this! I can imagine your melancholy though…maybe you can “bring Scotland to you” as much as possible, till you’re there next year!

    Warmest wishes

    • I know, right?! Not in a million years would I have ever thought something like this would happen. Yes, I’m always looking for ways to bring Scotland to me. 😀

    • It’s a weird thought, but somehow it helps to know that we’re all in the same boat. I’m glad you and your family have stayed healthy! Is NYC beginning to ease restrictions?

      • Hmmm….bars are selling drinks out of windows, and people are congregating on sidewalks in front, drinking smoking and not wearing masks. Kids are vandalizing things. But we’re not rushing to open up schools or other businesses….I may sound bitter and I am…because the whole thing is ridiculous

  • So sorry that your trip has to be postponed, Wendy. A huge disappointment, I’m sure. Maybe put on a travel documentary of Scotland? A virtual vacation in the meantime to get you through. 🙂

    • It’s definitely disappointing, but when it comes to it, there are bigger problems in the world. I may moan a little, but I’ll live. ;D I have been watching a really interesting documentary on Netflix called “Great British Castles”. If you have Netflix, you might like to check it out.

  • I’m sorry you were unable to take your trip. I understand. I found out, of all things on Mother’s Day, that I’m unable to go to the AFB to see my grand girl born next month. BUT I’m happy my son will be in there and that’s what matters! This is a weird, and sometimes disappointing, time in our existence. Cheers to a future trip for you! Scotland on my list! 💚

  • It’s a shame that so many travel plans have been cancelled, but hopefully we’ll all get back to our favourite places in the near future. I’ve been reminiscing ten favourite travel places on Facebook, which has brought many evenings looking at old holiday photos. Happy memories. I enjoy your posts, Wendy.

    • Thank you, Ruth. As you say, hopefully, we’ll all be back to normal soon. I still find it so strange how the pandemic has brought down the entire world. I don’t think I will take the privilege of travel for granted ever again.

  • So sorry to hear about your cancelled trip but glad you were able to reschedule to next year. It will be even more exciting for you when the time comes! I can recommend Nicola Benedetti – Homecoming, a Scottish fantasy, for more lovely Celtic tunes.x

    • Thank you, Gail. And thank you for the music recommendation. Nicola Benedetti is wonderful! I have her record playing on Spotify right now. 🙂

  • I feel your pain, and so sorry you can’t visit this wonderful country again this year. I love my city, but I’m so frustrated that I can’t see anymore of Scotland than the streets around my home at the moment. But this too will pass.

  • I feel your pain Wendy. We should have arrived home yesterday from 2 weeks exploring the top of the South Island in a camper. But come spring, we too will be on our way, fingers crossed.

    • Aw, that sounds like it would have been so much fun! I’m sorry you had to miss that. I’m glad to hear New Zealand has come out of lockdown. Most of Virginia has entered phase one of easing restrictions. It’s finally beginning to feel a little more normal here.

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