“Why, Here Comes My Hot Toddy”…(Recipe)

[Fred:] Here she comes, down the street [Bing:] My, oh my, ain't she sweet? [Fred:] Why, here comes my hot toddy [Bing:] Over my dead body [Bing:] I'll capture her heart singing [Fred:] Just wait until she get a load of my dancing When I hear the words hot toddy I am always reminded of … Continue reading “Why, Here Comes My Hot Toddy”…(Recipe)

Today’s Recipe: Scones

Welcome back friends, I feel like I can genuinely say that now.  I have connected with some of the nicest folks on here.  I'm so enjoying getting to know you through our shared interests and through our writing. So, feel like cooking today?  After a hearty Thanksgiving dinner followed by a hearty post-Thanksgiving dinner of … Continue reading Today’s Recipe: Scones

Wendy Tackles the Sponge

Umm, the cake.  I'm talking about the cake.  Why? What did you think I was talking about?  (chuckle chuckle) I have long wanted to try my hand at a Victoria Sponge.  First, because I brake for cake.  Second, it is just so quintessentially English (although it is common to find this cake at eateries in Scotland as well).  It's … Continue reading Wendy Tackles the Sponge

A Brief History of Whisky

The word 'whisky' is derived from the Gaelic term "uisge beatha" ("oosh-keh beh-ha), meaning "water of life". The Scottish Gaels called it "uisge beatha".  In Latin, the phrase is "aqua vitae".  Both translate to "water of life".  What is this "water of life" to which they refer?  It's whisky, my friends. Whisky's beginning is not 100% definitive, … Continue reading A Brief History of Whisky