Cove Bay

Get your hiking shoes on because today we are going somewhere SPECTACULAR!

I am taking you to see Cove Bay along the Scottish coast in Moray.

Cove Bay (also sometimes referred to as Primrose Bay) is located about 3.5 miles northwest of Duffus Castle and about a mile and a half east of Hopeman Beach. If you Google it, you want the Cove Bay that says ‘Hopeman/Elgin’, not the one that is near Aberdeen – although I’m sure that is lovely too. This beautiful stretch of paradise lies along the Moray Firth, at about the point where the river begins to meet the North Sea.

Cove Bay can be accessed via a coastal path from Hopeman, however because Mr. C and I don’t do anything the easy way, we instead clambered down the cliffside to reach the beach. I’m not gonna lie, the climb down was a little precarious, as some of the natural, earthen ‘steps’ are quite steep. Well, tricky for some of us, I should say. Not for Mr. C. He’s some kind of gazelle, I think! But thorny gorse bushes and slippery sand aside, it was worth every single careful step I had to take. Cove Bay is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I absolutely didn’t want to leave.

I’m going to keep it short and leave you now with a few more photos of this gorgeous place. I hope you enjoy them. Have a lovely weekend, friends.


Auchindoun Castle

Hi friends,

What’s new in your corner of the world? It’s hard to believe that a week ago yesterday I was sitting on a crappy, cramped Boeing 757, heading home from two amazing weeks in Scotland. Why we humans consent to getting into a metal tube that shoots us through the air at 500 miles per hour and at some 34,000 feet above the ground is beyond me. Ohhhh, I know why. It’s because our love for the people and places that await us far outweigh any of the risks. And for Scotland (in the words of Adele), I’m willing to take the risk.

Today I would like to share with you one of my favorites castles on my ever expanding list. This is Auchindoun, a 15th century treasure that lies near Dufftown, in Moray.

I have told you before that I love all castles. Never let a castle go to waste, I say! But I have an extra special affinity for the lonely, romantic ruins that time has all but forgotten. Thankfully Auchindoun isn’t entirely forsaken, as it is looked after by Historic Environment Scotland. I’d wager, though, that only a tiny number of tourists ever find their way to this treasure and I have a hunch that many Scots aren’t familiar with it either. It feels like a secret that I was lucky enough to learn. And now you know it too.

Are you ready to explore? You’ll need a good pair of comfy, weather resistant walking shoes. It is quite a hike from where you park at the end of the road and you may have the feeling you are trespassing on a farmer’s land. It’s okay, you’re not. Trust, me, friend. The view from the hill that the castle sits upon is worth every single step you’ll take.

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