What Lies Beneath-Part 2

Hello faithful readers, This is an update to my original article that I posted about a week ago, just before Halloween.  The Real Mary King's Close was so kind to grant me permission to use their awesome photos.  All photos in this post are credited to them.  Many, many thanks, indeed!  Now you'll really be … Continue reading What Lies Beneath-Part 2

What Lies Beneath-Part 1

Greetings everybody, Are you feeling adventurous? I hope so because I would love for you to join me on a little trip below the City Chambers on Edinburgh's Royal Mile.  Below the Chambers, you ask?  Yep!  We're soon going to head underground to visit The Real Mary King's Close.  So, if you're game and not … Continue reading What Lies Beneath-Part 1

Follow the Cobblestone Road-Part 1 (The Royal Mile)

On a breeze, Catch the past. A cobble mile Of trodden path. Feel its life Course through Your veins. You'll never leave. All will stay. -Helen Walker   The Number 11's brakes squealed and let out a whoosh as the bus jerked to a halt on Edinburgh's busy Princes Street.  The driver opened the door … Continue reading Follow the Cobblestone Road-Part 1 (The Royal Mile)