The Falls of Dochart in Killin, Scotland

Hello, friends. What’s shakin’? Not much around here this weekend. I attempted to write this blog outside but good grief – the humidity! I see it’s a balmy 65 degrees in Edinburgh right now. What I wouldn’t give!

Today I’d like to show you a beautiful area in the Scottish Highlands that I visited on my last trip. Located on the River Dochart in the pretty village of Killin in Stirlingshire, are the spectacular Falls of Dochart.

View of the rocks and bridge at the Falls of Dochart with snow capped mountains behind.
Rapids flowering over rocks at the Falls of Dochart.

The River Dochart both broadens and changes gradient at this location, resulting in a torrent of water that cascades and crashes into the rocks as the river winds its way east toward Loch Tay.

The Falls of Dochart in the Scottish Highlands.

The Bridge of Dochart, first constructed in 1760, crosses over the river as you enter Killin, and from here you can take in the gorgeous view.

A bridge over the Falls of Dochart.

Or if you are feeling adventurous and the waters aren’t too ferocious, climb down on the rocks for a closer look. Just promise me you will be careful!

Killin, Scotland.
A boy on a bicycle and a man with a camera tripod on some rocks.

An island in the middle of the river, known as Inchbuie, is the burial ground of Clan MacNab, dating back to the 1700s. It is the final earthly home of fifteen individuals, nine of whom were clan chiefs. Surrounded by the sound of the falls, I can’t imagine a nicer place to lay a body to rest.

Clan MacNab burial ground.
Clan MacNab burial ground

So what are your impressions of the Falls of Dochart?  Worth a trek up into the Highlands?  Oh, I agree!  I do hope you get a chance to see them someday too.

Have a terrific week, friends.  See you next time.



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