The Beautiful Gardens at Greywalls Hotel

People who are acquainted with me and my husband know that we are quite fond of gardens.  For those that don’t know us, I must confess that we (or is it just him?) are also a bit…well…ambitious.  You know the phrase “go big or go home”?  Sometimes I think we invented that phrase.

Nearly ten years ago, my adoring husband with the aid of his trusty Kubota, took down a large, somewhat problematic tree behind our house.  The removal of the tree and its massive root ball left us with a rather unsightly, gaping hole.  Ever the visionary (and enjoyer of manly projects), my husband had the brilliant idea to construct a pond/rock garden where the tree had previously stood.  But in typical “go big or go home” fashion, the project did not end there.  For one pond quickly became two.  Then three.  Then four.  What we have today, nearly a decade later, are three smaller ponds that connect via rocky streams into a larger pond.  What my husband has built is quite extraordinary.  I’m a lucky lady, indeed.20171104_121108

20171104_08042120171104_08104820171104_09113620171104_08004820171104_091205In the nearly ten years since the rock garden’s inception, my husband has built retaining walls, three patios, and even a dock on which we can sit and view the fish.  A little bridge is in the works for next season.  It’s an ever-evolving project that gives us so much pleasure, season after season.

Today, flowers and plants abound in our little piece of Paradise.  Our home has become something of a sanctuary for bullfrogs, tree frogs, toads, salamanders, snails, insects, birds, and fish.  We have even spotted a wayward turtle or two.  It’s the perfect spot to sit and think, to reflect, and count one’s blessings.  Gardens are good for that sort of thing.20171104_08064920171104_08110820171104_08230020171104_09122020171104_09123320171104_075956This past week as I was looking through old Scotland vacation photos, I came across the pictures that were taken the day we visited Greywalls Hotel for afternoon tea.  Greywalls is a pretty, Edwardian country house in Gullane, Scotland (about 40 minutes outside of Edinburgh).  It was built in 1901 by architect Sir Edwin Lutyens.  It is a lovely place to visit.  Although we did not stay the night, we thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon champagne tea and especially strolling through the beautiful gardens.  They were peaceful and inspiring.  The perfect place for these two garden lovers to spend an hour.

Today I simply want to share a few of those garden photos with you, just to give you a taste for how pretty they are.  I think if you visit Greywalls you won’t be disappointed.  These photos were taken in May, a most extraordinary time to be in Scotland.

I do hope you enjoy.

DSC_101820171103_163227DSC_1026DSC_0996DSC_1001DSC_1008DSC_1012DSC_1015DSC_1011DSC_1016DSC_1005DSC_0997DSC_1006DSC_100720171104_12042920171104_12015720171103_163402DSC_1025DSC_1010I hope the gardens at Greywalls have left you inspired.  As always, thanks so much for popping by.  See you next time.



9 thoughts on “The Beautiful Gardens at Greywalls Hotel

  • Greywalls looks delightful, just my sort of garden. But your project is stunning! What an undertaking – and how satisfying to see it evolve into a haven for wildlife and a sanctuary for you too!

    • Thank you so much, Sandra. We certainly enjoy it. Of course, it’s not all fun and games haha. Keeping it weeded can be a bit of a daunting task sometimes. But it’s worth it. Greywalls is a wonderful place to visit. I think I would enjoy staying overnight there sometime.

  • What an embarrassment of riches, so many lovely photos and two beautiful gardens. Well done to your husband for his energy and vision, not to mention hard work and determination. It can’t have been easy creating a garden like that, but it must be so rewarding. As you say, gardens are the perfect place for reflection and relaxation. I’ve never been to Greywalls, but after seeing your photos I’m keen to remedy that.

    • Thank you, Lorna. Our garden has certainly been a labor of love. I’m honestly not sure if it will ever be “finished”. 🙂 We are always changing this or that and my husband is always coming up with new ideas of things to add or improve. It definitely keeps us moving.

      We visited Greywalls in 2014. The tea experience at that time was excellent. Unfortunately, we didn’t get back there when we were in Scotland earlier this year. It’s probably still just as good, though. The gardens are really beautiful.

  • Your photos are lovely – Scotland gardens and and yours. Of course I prefer yours and enjoyed your comments.
    Write on. (A generational pun). I may have to get back on Facebook just to read your blog. Any chance of copy/pasting to Instagram?

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