Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Special Spot Shots

Hi everyone,

For the first photo challenge of 2020, Leya has asked us to share a special spot shot; that is, a place that we, individually, regard as special. I could actually argue that my entire blog fits that category, haha! Scotland is, after all, my heart and soul. I decided today, though, to step out of the Scottish box and share with you another place that is really meaningful to me. It’s a place that I wish I could visit much more often, but when I do have the chance, I never feel more relaxed or in awe of God’s majesty.

I am speaking of the Florida Panhandle. Specifically, the area dubbed the Emerald Coast, a one-hundred mile stretch of pristine beaches along the Gulf of Mexico. Renowned for its emerald green waters and white-as-snow beaches, I think it is one of the prettiest places on earth.

Sunrises on the Gulf are always lovely, but sometimes they can be down right magnificent! The following two photos were taken the morning after a storm in the month of January, when the sun came up directly over the water. It completely took my breath away.

Sunsets on the Gulf are pretty magical too.

I love the way the sea is always changing. Sometimes it’s moody…

and sometimes it’s a sparkling sheet of glass.

Bird watching at the beach is always a joy.

The pelicans are my favorite!

I am not the only one who feels happy and relaxed on the Gulf. A certain young man I know also enjoys the sea breeze in his hair.

So there you have it. Another of my happy, special places. Thank you so much for stopping by today. In my next post, I will be taking you to a castle ruin along the coast of Aberdeenshire. I look forward to seeing you again soon! Have a terrific week.

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