Lauriston Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland-Part 1

Hi, friends. How would you like to join me today for a stroll around the grounds of one of the prettiest castles in Scotland? Oh good, I’m so pleased! I promise that you are going to love it. Today we are in Edinburgh at the oh-so-lovely Lauriston Castle.

First, a quick history of the castle: Sir Archibald Napier built Lauriston’s tower house (front left) sometime around 1593, and the pretty Jacobean-style extension was added in 1827. Over the centuries, Lauriston Castle passed through many hands until it came into the possession of its final owners – William and Margaret Reid. The Reids acquired the property in 1902 and lived there until Mrs. Reid’s death in 1926.

Because the couple had no children, they left Lauriston to the city of Edinburgh under the condition that it be preserved unchanged. And so the promise was kept. The castle with the remarkable Edwardian interior, filled to the brim with their fine furniture and artwork, is now a museum maintained by the city. For a nominal fee, you can take a guided tour of this home, which remains exactly as it was in the couple’s day. The manicured grounds, with views over the Firth of Forth and a stunning Japanese garden, are a real bargain – free! Lauriston Castle is a true gem.

Front of Lauriston Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland.
The tower house (left of door) was built sometime around 1593. The Jacobean-style extension was added in 1827.

The photos that follow were taken in the month of May. The weather that day was MAGNIFICENT. I think you will see that with scenery like this, it was impossible not to fall crazy in love with the place.

Let’s go for that stroll.

The castle…

Front shot of Lauriston Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Flowering shrubs in front of Lauriston Castle.
Red and pink flowering shrubs in front of a castle.
A stone building with green vines growing up.
Rear view of Lauriston Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Rear view of Lauriston Castle.
A portion of Lauriston Castle.

Views of the sea…

The Firth of Forth beyond a garden gate.
A stone wall, a green field with grazing sheep, and the Firth of Forth.
The Firth of Forth.
A fence, green plants, and the Firth of Forth beyond.
A large, fluffy tree and the Firth of Forth.

Fantastic trees:

A green tree.
The base of an unusual tree and a pink flowering shrub.
Trees at Lauriston Castle.
A path through a wood.
A tree with a very bulbous branch.
Looking up into a massive tree.

Magnificent gardens…

Red flowers and a stone building.
Flowering shrubs.
A bench in a garden.
Light pink flowers.
A bridge and a Japanese garden.
A bright pink flowering shrub next to a pond.
A Japanese garden.
Cherry blossom petals floating in a pond.
A bridge and waterfall by a pond.
A statue in a pond.

Told ya this was a lovely place! As always, thanks for stopping by.  Your visits here mean the world to me.  Until next time…

Have a beautiful and blessed week, friends.



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