Let’s Get This Weekend Started

Happy Friday, friends!

I have waited for three months for this book to arrive and today it finally did. Victoria Magazine recently published their first book and boy is she a beauty! So in case you are wondering what I’ll be doing this weekend besides writing (and hunkering down inside to avoid the insane heat outside), there you go. Two hundred thirty-two pages of pure bliss.

What are your weekend plans?

I have a couple of fun posts in the works. First, I’ll be sharing an interview I did with a talented author. And then I’ll be taking you on a little trip to a fascinating stone circle set in the stunning countryside of Aberdeenshire. So stay tuned!

Hope each of you has a fabulous weekend. If you are here in the U.S. amidst this brutal heat wave, please be safe and stay cool!


6 thoughts on “Let’s Get This Weekend Started

  • Sounds like a great weekend you have lined up, Wendy. If you want something else to read, I’m off on my Welsh castle quest on Sunday, so will be posting the story of the Welsh Wars and the castles on my blog over the next 3 weeks. We haven’t got the same heat as you here, so hopefully it’ll be okay for my walking adventure!
    Have fun!

    • This heat is horrible! Today’s high here is around 37 degrees Celsius (98 F) with a heat index in the 40’s (triple digits Fahrenheit). Ugh. Is it Fall yet?

    • It’s a beautiful book! “Victoria” did a lovely job with it. The heat here is horrible. About 37 degrees Celsius with a heat index well into the 40’s. Ugh. I’m ready to move to the UK. 🙂

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