Me & Mr. C

Twenty-five years ago today, a lovely young girl married a delightful young boy in the living room of his parents’ home. The boy and girl (because that’s really what they were) had been just friends until one day they decided they were in love and wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. They planned a small wedding and four months later, the boy and the girl became one.

They were a perfect match.

Both were still a little green around the edges as many young boys and girls were back then, but together, through trial and error, the two grew into adults, learning the ways of the world and how to navigate within it.

They were a perfect match.

The boy and girl went on to have many adventures together. Over that time, they obtained their degrees, made their home in four different states, met lots of interesting people, adopted several animals, and traveled to some wonderful places. They saw each other through their highs and lows and through all of the things that life inevitably brings – job changes and challenges, surgeries, loss of a parent, loss of pets, big decisions, and occasionally times of uncertainty. Some days along the way were more difficult than others. But most days were easy. The girl loved the boy so much, and she always felt loved by the boy.

They were a perfect match.

Today that boy and girl cannot believe there is a whole quarter of a century behind them. They are very proud that in a world where love doesn’t often last, and where some choose not to see it through, they not only love each other but genuinely still like each other too. And after all of the laughs they have shared and all of the fun they have had, they know that today marks just the beginning of all that is to come.

We are that perfect match.

Happy 25th anniversary, Mr. C. My love. Here’s to the next 25.

25th anniversary

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