“Please”, by Rose Fyleman

Happy Thursday, friends! Hope you enjoy this cute poem by English poet Rose Fyleman. Ms. Fyleman (1877-1957) was known for her fairy poems which appealed to children. Don’t mind if I tell you, they kind of appeal to me too. Enjoy.


Rose Fyleman

Please be careful where you tread,
     The fairies are about;
  Last night, when I had gone to bed,
I heard them creeping out.
   And wouldn't it be a dreadful thing
To do a fairy harm?
   To crush a little delicate wing
Or bruise a tiny arm?
They're all about the place, I know,
    So do be careful where you go.

Please be careful what you say,
    They're often very near,
And though they turn their heads away
They cannot help but hear.
    And think how terribly you would mind
If, even for a joke,
    You said a thing that seemed unkind
To the dear little fairy folk.
I'm sure they're simply everywhere,
    So promise me that you'll take care.

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