Redhouse Castle-Longniddry, Scotland

Hey, friends. Today I would like to take you to another ‘off-the-beaten-path’ place. You probably know by now that those spots are my favorite. There is something fun about seeing things that the typical tourist doesn’t. Mr. C and I discovered this one entirely by accident. Today I’m going to take you to see Redhouse Castle.

Redhouse Castle

Redhouse Castle is a 16th-century ruin located about a mile from Longniddry in East Lothian, Scotland. Mr. C and I were on our way to Tantallon Castle that day, and as we whizzed by on the B1377, I remember shouting, “Wait! Go back! I think we just passed a castle.” We turned around, and sure enough, it was. We were delighted to find that although located on private property, the ruin sits adjacent to a small garden center with a lovely little tearoom. We made a note to stop back by on our way home later that day.

Despite sitting abandoned since just after the Jacobite uprising in 1745, Redhouse Castle remains remarkably well-preserved. The four-story, red sandstone tower house is missing its roof, but the shell is still very much intact, giving you a sense of what it must have been like in its day. The castle sits on a rectangular courtyard that once housed a garden within its walls.

Redhouse Castle and part of the courtyard wall.

It is quite likely that during medieval times, Redhouse served as a hospital. The property belonged to the Douglas family; however, the Laing family acquired it in 1607.

A door to Redhouse Castle.

From the Laings, the castle eventually passed through marriage to the Hamilton family. Because of George Hamilton’s involvement in the Jacobite uprising of 1745, he forfeited his property and was executed for his part in the rebellion. Redhouse fell into ruin, despite being purchased by Lord Elibank and then going to the Earl of Wemyss.

Castle outbuildings.
Redhouse Castle

Today Redhouse remains privately owned and is not maintained in an official capacity. There is, however, nothing prohibiting you from taking a peek at this fascinating piece of history. Just be sure you understand that it is at your own risk.

Interior view of Redhouse Castle.

When you stop to see Redhouse, be sure to look the pretty things growing in the greenhouse and order a nice cup of tea from the ladies in the tearoom.

Redhouse Castle and garden center.
Colorful flowers on a garden center table.
A small wooden building.
Tea and cake.

Redhouse Castle and the nursery and tearoom were a terrific discovery.  So glad we found ourselves on the B1377 that day!



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