Whisky Meets Tequila-A Transatlantic Romance

This morning while Mr. C was at the liquor store buying tequila to make margaritas tonight, he stumbled upon a newly stocked item – Don Julio Tequila-Reposado, Double Cask.

Whisky and tequila meet in the box of Don Julio Reposado Limited Edition.

Did you catch what the box says? “Finished in casks used in the making of Buchanan’s blended Scotch whisky.” Whisky meets tequila. Holy cow! “What’s that,” you ask? Why yes, of course, he bought a bottle, silly!

If you are familiar with the Don Julio brand, you know that their tequilas are top-shelf. Definitely not the stuff of college drinking games. No. Don Julio tequilas are like a fine wine or a premium Scotch. They are meant for sipping (emphasis on sipping), savoring, and appreciating all of their excellent qualities. In fact, Don Julio tequilas are so exceptional that you can enjoy them neat. No mixer required.

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