Scott Monument-Edinburgh’s Iconic Gothic Spire

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I have a case of the glooomies. I can think of no other reason except that it’s the end of February, which here in Virginia feels like the purgatory of months. It may be the shortest month but somehow it feels like the longest! We’re too far removed from the holidays now to bask in the nostalgia and still a few weeks away from the the warmth and beauty of a new season. We’re caught in that yucky in-between time where winter feels unrelenting. Hurry up spring!

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Friends, today I want to take a look at an iconic feature of Edinburgh’s skyline. When you visit the city, you notice right away that the landscape is dotted with spires. Perhaps the most recognizable among them is the awesome, gothic tower that looks as if it could have come straight out of J.R.R. Tolkien’s imagination.

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St. Margaret’s Chapel-Edinburgh’s Oldest Surviving Building

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Do you ever feel like the gears in your brain get stuck? Seriously, I have been trying to put words to paper for four solid days and I haven’t been able to get past ‘hello’! Maybe it has something to do with the elephant sitting on my left sinus cavity. Anyway, if today’s post stinks, you will know why! ūüėÄ

Theater scene from the movie An Affair to Remember.
“And all I could say was, “hello”. –An Affair to Remember, 1957

Today we’re going to take a quick look at the oldest surviving building in Edinburgh. This is St. Margaret’s Chapel, located at Edinburgh Castle.

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Pilrig House-A Historical Gem in the City of Edinburgh

Hello, my friends. A very happy new year to you. I hope your 2019 has gotten off to a jolly good start!

Today I would like to take you to a place in Scotland that is extra special to me. I know, I know…you think that I feel that way about every place in Scotland! Haha, you know me too well, dear reader. And ’tis true, I suppose. But this place really does put a skip in my plaid heart.

Isn’t is lovely? This is Pilrig House, a historic Scottish townhouse located in Edinburgh, next to the burgh of Leith. It is theorized that the name ‚ÄėPilrig‚Äô may have derived from the former ‚ÄėPeilrig‚Äô and ‘Pellryge‚Äô (rig=ridge), where a¬†peel tower stood in the 15thcentury. According to, ‚Äústonework in the basement walls suggests the remains of a peel tower‚ÄĚ. For a newby history geek like me, that is fascinating.

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Lauriston Castle In Edinburgh, Scotland-Part 2

Earlier this year, I took you guys on a photo tour of the spectacularly beautiful grounds at¬†Lauriston Castle. ¬†Well I would like to revisit Lauriston with you today. ¬†Only this time, I invite you to join me as we explore the beautiful Edwardian interior, decorated and designed by the castle’s final owners, Mr. William Robert Reid, his wife Mrs. Margaret Johnstone Reid, and Mrs. Reid’s brother, Mr. William Barton.

Front facing view of Lauriston Castle.

Mr. C and I visited Lauriston Castle for the second time in March 2017. ¬†It is one of our favorites, so no trip to Edinburgh will now ever be complete without paying a visit to this lovely place. ¬†We were thrilled to be able to take a guided tour of several of the castle’s main rooms. ¬†Our docent was excellent and was a wealth of knowledge of the castle’s history, from the first construction in the sixteenth century until the passing of Mrs. Reid in 1926. ¬†I think that if I lived in Edinburgh, I would want that job!

To recap a little of Lauriston’s history…

Lauriston‚Äôs tower house was built by Sir Archibald Napier sometime around 1593 and the pretty Jacobean-style extension was added in 1827. ¬†Over the centuries, the castle passed through numerous hands until it came into the possession of its final owners ‚Äď William and Margaret Reid. The Reids acquired the property in 1902 and lived there until Mrs. Reid‚Äôs death in 1926. ¬†Because the couple had no children, they left the castle to the city of Edinburgh under the condition that it be preserved unchanged. ¬†And so the promise was kept. ¬†The remarkable Edwardian interior, filled to the brim with their fine furniture and artwork, is now a museum maintained by the city. ¬†For a nominal fee, you can take a guided tour of this home (uh, castle) which remains exactly as it was at the time of the Reids. ¬†The manicured grounds, which boast a view of the sea and a stunning Japanese garden are a real bargain ‚Äď free! ¬†Lauriston truly is a gem in Edinburgh. -from my previous post, “Lovely Lauriston“.

Well, are you ready to step inside and see what a 425-year-old castle clothed in 100-year-old decor looks like?  Great.  Follow me, friends.

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