What the Kelp?! The Kelpies of Falkirk, Scotland

Hey gang! Welcome back. Today may I present to you The Kelpies of Falkirk, Scotland.


Well, as I saw them, at least. Sadly, that would be as Mr. C and I whizzed past them on the M9 (I think). I wish I could tell you that we had scheduled time to visit The Helix to walk the trails or to take a paddle boat for a little spin on the lagoon. Or to capture some artsy-fartsy photos of these cool equine sculptures. Nope. Because for some reason, I thought Falkirk was located in the Highlands and not a mere 27 miles from Edinburgh! Imagine my surprise when all of a sudden, I spotted these big guys coming up fast at 70 mph out the car window. I mean, what the Kelp?! I barely had time to grab my camera before they were a memory.

C’est la vie.  Perhaps we’ll catch them next time.

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