My Plaid Heart In England-A Visit to Lindisfarne Castle

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday to you. And happy first day of spring!

Today’s trip is going to take us through beautiful southeast Scotland and across the border into neighboring England. We won’t be going too far away from Scotland mind you, only about seventeen miles. We will be leaving the mainland, however. Don’t worry, you won’t need a lifejacket. A long causeway will lead us to our destination.

Intrigued? Grab your things because today we are headed to Holy Island of Lindisfarne (or simply Holy Island) to see Lindisfarne Castle.

A blue car on the causeway.
It is essential to check the tide schedule before you visit Holy Island. Twice daily, the North Sea tide comes in, making the causeway to the island inaccessible.
Welcome sign to Holy Island.
Lindisfarne Castle perched atop Beblowe Crag.

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