Cullen Skink Recipe

Hello, friends. Today’s recipe comes to you from the great state of Florida! No, not really. It comes from the village of Cullen in Moray, Scotland. I just had to go all the way to Florida to find the haddock.

I have wanted to make Cullen skink soup for a while. I searched for the required fish at every single local grocery store here in Virginia. None to be found, I was delighted when, while on vacation, I spotted frozen haddock at the Publix in Panama City Beach, Florida. I immediately bought two bags, packed them on ice, and took them back home with me in the car. Using packaged frozen fish is probably not quite as good as fresh, but hey, be grateful for what you have, right?

So I’m guessing by now that you have realized that Cullen skink soup is not made of skink.

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