May I Make You a Card?

Hello, friends.

So. I had an idea that I want to float by you. Perhaps it came to me while imbibing on a bit too much whisky, but since it still sounds like a decent notion this morning, I’m going to roll with it. 😀

My idea came about because of a conversation I had the other day with Mr. C. I was telling him about a couple of pen pals that I had when I was in junior high. You know, in the days of snail mail before the internet was even invented (yeah, I am that old!). I had a pen pal in France and Australia, and I can still remember how excited I would get whenever I received a letter from them. Do kids these days still do that?

And then we talked about how we both currently have so many international connections. Me, because of WordPress, and him, because of his job. Just the other day, he was on a video call with three others – one in Canada, one in Paris, and the other in China. He said it was such a surreal experience.

This year, during the pandemic, I took up a new hobby – card making. My cards are not terribly fancy or professional, but I receive so much joy and satisfaction from making them. Trouble is, I actually don’t have that many people to send them to! That’s where you come in. By the way, I am operating under the assumption that this note will mainly appeal to the folks on here who have known me for awhile (and hopefully see that I’m not some terrible nut), but some of you who don’t know me may be interested as well. That would be amazing! Anyway, I would love to send you a homemade Christmas card! (Or holiday card if you do not observe Christmas.) I don’t expect anything back in return. This is just for the joy of creating something for you, my international blogging friends. (However, if it turned out I gained an old-fashioned pen pal or two from the exercise, I wouldn’t mind.)

The internet has made our world feel much smaller, and communication has never been easier. But I often feel we are lacking a more personal human connection that typed words on a computer screen or a video call cannot provide. So, if you trust me enough to give me your address 😉 and would like to receive a card, please send me an email with your information to:

I do hope I hear from a few of you! Have a terrific day, everyone.