Parks and Rec Made Me Cry So I Booked a Trip to Scotland

Hey there, Friends!  Good to see you again.

In typical fashion, Mr. C and I were late to the game.  A few weeks ago on a lazy vacation day in Kentucky, we discovered the comedy series “Parks and Recreation” produced by and starring Amy Poehler.  Never mind that the show ended like three and a half years ago, but hey.  We’re not big television watchers and it takes a lot in a show to impress me and hold my attention, but boy when I find a show that does both, I’m ALL in.  Smart, witty, hilarious, and occasionally quite poignant and touching, I think “Parks and Rec” knocked it out of said park.

The show’s characters are an extremely eclectic bunch and I get such a kick out of them all!  But it’s Ron Swanson – that deadpan, highly private, masculine, meat-eating, whisky-loving, mustache of a man who I adore the most.

Ron Swanson, played by Nick Offerman

In direct contrast to Poehler’s character Leslie Knope who is perpetually sunny, optimistic, extroverted, hardworking, and a staunch believer in big government, Ron is distant and reclusive, he seldom expresses emotion (although he occasionally gets the giggles), and is a libertarian who believes strongly in small government.  Despite these traits and claiming that he has no interest in the personal lives of those around him, Ron actually cares a great deal for his colleagues and often helps them in spite of himself.  In particular, he has a deep and profound respect and affection for Leslie.

In Season Six, the cast goes to London and begrudgingly, Ron tags along.  His new bride Diane was supposed to have accompanied him as a honeymoon of sorts but she gets terrible morning sickness and stays home.  She insists that Ron go anyway so he can take pictures for her.  Because his “love for Diane trumps his hatred for Europe” (remember, libertarian), he goes with the group even though he makes it clear in that deadpan voice of his that, “All of this could have been avoided if we’d followed my plan for a honeymoon.  A steak dinner, a glass of Lagavulin whisky, then vigorous lovemaking for two hours, and we’re both asleep by 8:30.”

God, I love this show.

So, you’re probably wondering why in the world the show made me cry.  Well.

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