Oh Yes I Did! Haggis and Scottish Gourmet USA

I  bought a haggis!

My plaid heart is so happy right now.


Before you say “eww,” what I bought isn’t authentic haggis. You can’t get it in the U.S. because the FDA has strict rules about consuming lungs (gross, you say?). What I purchased is made with lamb breast and beef liver. And of course, the traditional oatmeal, onion, and spices that make haggis such a distinctive Scottish food. In the old days, haggis was encased in the lining of a sheep’s stomach (also a little gross, I admit). That has been modernized, with most haggis today presented in either an artificial casing or a casing similar to sausage. Regardless, I’m pretty excited. And just for the record, if given the opportunity – yes, I would try haggis made the traditional way.

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