Lens Artists Photo Challenge: Treasure Hunt

This week Tina is sending us on a treasure hunt. Fun! She has asked us to search for specific items (either from our archives or newly captured) from the list that she provided (here). Here is what I found.

A bird

This photo was taken on the coast of the beautiful, small fishing village of St. Abbs, Scotland.  St. Abbs is located in southeast Scotland, along the Berwickshire coast on the North Sea.

A seagull with orange eyes sitting against blue water.

A dog

While taking photos of Aberdour Castle in Scotland, I spotted these good dogs waiting patiently for their master to return.  Someone once commented that they don’t look real, but I assure you they are!

A white dog and a brown dog standing in front of Aberdour Castle, waiting patiently for their master to return.

A bicycle

This photo was snapped on Shore in Leith, Scotland.  Leith was once an independent town but was incorporated into the city of Edinburgh in 1920.

A bicycle parked on a cobbled sidewalk next to the water in Leith, Scotland.

A church

Old High Church is the oldest church in Inverness, Scotland.  It’s tower dates to the 14th century.

The Old High Church in Inverness Scotland and a stone cross gravestone.

A musical instrument and/or a street performer

It doesn’t get any more Scottish than this.  A bagpiper playing for the tourists in Edinburgh’s City Center.

A Scotsman in a kilt playing the bagpipes in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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