What the Kelp?! The Kelpies of Falkirk, Scotland

Hey gang! Welcome back. Today may I present to you The Kelpies of Falkirk, Scotland.


Well, as I saw them, at least. Sadly, that would be as Mr. C and I whizzed past them on the M9 (I think). I wish I could tell you that we had scheduled time to visit The Helix to walk the trails or to take a paddle boat for a little spin on the lagoon. Or to capture some artsy-fartsy photos of these cool equine sculptures. Nope. Because for some reason, I thought Falkirk was located in the Highlands and not a mere 27 miles from Edinburgh! Imagine my surprise when all of a sudden, I spotted these big guys coming up fast at 70 mph out the car window. I mean, what the Kelp?! I barely had time to grab my camera before they were a memory.

C’est la vie.  Perhaps we’ll catch them next time.

So, you might ask, just what are these colossal, imposing, shiny, metallic horse heads looming off the side of the motorway? (no, they aren’t an homage to ‘The Godfather.’) They happen to be the world’s largest pair of equine sculptures – made of stainless steel and standing at nearly 100 feet tall! The Kelpies are the result of a collaboration between Scottish Canals (the part of the government responsible for managing Scotland’s inland waterways) and artist Andy Scott. Constructed in just ninety days, they are the heart and pride of The Helix – a multi-mile parkland born out of a Falkirk green space initiative. The recreation space, which also now has a canal link between the Forth & Clyde Canal and the River Carron, has seen over two million visitors since The Kelpies opened to the public in 2014.

The sculptures are composed of 928 unique steel plates and are not only a reminder of the Scottish legend of The Kelpies, but are also a nod to the sturdy workhorses of Scotland’s past.

“Chosen by Scottish Canals at the inception of the project, The Kelpies name reflected the mythological transforming beasts possessing the strength and endurance of 10 horses; a quality that is analogous with the transformational change of our landscapes, endurance of our inland waterways and the strength of our communities.

Andy Scott’s vision for The Kelpies follows the lineage of the heavy horse of industry and economy, pulling the wagons and ploughs, barges and coal ships that shaped the structural layout of the area. Retaining The Kelpies as the title for these equine monuments, Andy sought to represent the transformational and sustainably enduring qualities The Helix stands for through the majesty of The Kelpies.”  –The Helix

Have any of you ever visited The Kelpies? If so, what was your reaction? I’m pretty impressed, and I only saw them from the car! Lest you think I’m going to sign off after giving you only one crappy photo from the highway, never fear. Here are the artsy-fartsy images I wish I had been able to capture myself -ha! Much thanks to Pixabay for loaning me theirs.


I hope you enjoyed it.  Have a wonderful week and see you next time.



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