Why Scotland?

There are 196 countries in this big world. So why Scotland? Well, it all began with a thumbnail. Not my own – I’m talking about the itty bitty image that appeared on my computer screen one night while I searched for vacation rentals. 

For months, my husband and I had been bouncing around destination ideas for where to celebrate an upcoming milestone anniversary. We had considered several locations, such as Hawaii, the islands, Italy, and others, but we couldn’t seem to land on a decision. Because neither of us were seasoned travelers, we felt it was essential to get it right.

Then one dark winter evening, I was absent-mindedly perusing vacation homes on VRBO. Suddenly, a tiny image of a lovely stone manor house – a tower house, caught my attention. I clicked on the photo and discovered Pilrig House in Edinburgh, Scotland. Huh, I wasn’t even looking at listings for Scotland. Very strange! My interest was immediately piqued, so I took a closer look, which then led me to wander over to their web site. And as the woman said in When Harry Met Sally, “At that moment I knew. I knew the way you know about a good melon.” I sent a text to my husband, told him where we were going, and that was all she wrote!

Except that wasn’t all she wrote, for I had no idea at that time what kind of impression Scotland would make on me. I didn’t know that I would fall head-over-heels, or that it would be the beginning of many subsequent visits to come. Or that it would lead me to begin a blog! Scotland is much more than just a destination for me. It is my heart. 

I have established this site as a creative outlet and as a place where I can share what I know about Scotland. I plan to use this space to take you through Scotland – to castles, gardens, churches, stone circles, and many other amazing historical sites. I will share my knowledge of whisky, occasionally make Scottish recipes, and even teach you a bit of history.

Readers, I can’t wait to get to know you and to share my plaid heart with you. Welcome! I’m so glad you are here. 


6 thoughts on “Why Scotland?

  • Hey Wendy,
    I wanted to let you know about a spiritual retreat that’s being offered on the Isle of Skye. My friend from Iona Abbey, Aldo, loves that island and has decided to set up a spiritual retreat there next April. The leader we had for our week at Iona Abbey, Alistair McIntosh from the isle of Lewis, will be the leader for the retreat in April. He was excellent in his knowledge of Celtic spirituality and his thought-provoking sessions. Here is the website: https://www.thelionsglenn.com
    Best to you and those who love Scotland,

      • Yeah, I wish I could go–but between getting my ‘book baby’ published and my new grandbaby, I don’t think I can be away next April. Hope you or some of your Followers may be able to take advantage of this opportunity. Best to you, Connie

      • How did I miss that you are publishing a book? That’s wonderful, Connie! When will it be making its debut? Sounds like your life is extra full of exciting adventures right now.

      • Hey Wendy,
        Yeah, I’ve been working on it a while–a memoir about my journey through a toxic job and breast cancer and my “unexpected arrival at healing and wholeness. It will include my first seven solo journeys. It’s in the copy edit and cover design phase. I’m going to start including info about the release through emails. If you’d like to receive those, just subscribe to my blogsite with your email and you’ll get those updates. Thanks for asking, Wendy!

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