“Why, Here Comes My Hot Toddy”…(Recipe)

[Fred:] Here she comes, down the street [Bing:] My, oh my, ain't she sweet? [Fred:] Why, here comes my hot toddy [Bing:] Over my dead body [Bing:] I'll capture her heart singing [Fred:] Just wait until she get a load of my dancing When I hear the words hot toddy I am always reminded of … Continue reading “Why, Here Comes My Hot Toddy”…(Recipe)

A Brief History of the Bagpipe

Happy December, Friends!  Is it really just over three weeks until Christmas?  My goodness, where does the time go?  2018 is just a blink away. I thought today it might be fun to do a little research on the history of the bagpipe.  Santa was more than happy to model his for you today! The … Continue reading A Brief History of the Bagpipe

Today’s Recipe: Scones

Welcome back friends, I feel like I can genuinely say that now.  I have connected with some of the nicest folks on here.  I'm so enjoying getting to know you through our shared interests and through our writing. So, feel like cooking today?  After a hearty Thanksgiving dinner followed by a hearty post-Thanksgiving dinner of … Continue reading Today’s Recipe: Scones

Wendy Tackles the Sponge

Umm, the cake.  I'm talking about the cake.  Why? What did you think I was talking about?  (chuckle chuckle) I have long wanted to try my hand at a Victoria Sponge.  First, because I brake for cake.  Second, it is just so quintessentially English (although it is common to find this cake at eateries in Scotland as well).  It's … Continue reading Wendy Tackles the Sponge

The Beautiful Gardens at Greywalls Hotel

People who are acquainted with me and my husband know that we are quite fond of gardens.  For those that don't know us, I must confess that we (or is it just him?) are also a bit...well...ambitious.  You know the phrase "go big or go home"?  Sometimes I think we invented that phrase. Nearly ten years … Continue reading The Beautiful Gardens at Greywalls Hotel

What Lies Beneath-Part 2

Hello faithful readers, This is an update to my original article that I posted about a week ago, just before Halloween.  The Real Mary King's Close was so kind to grant me permission to use their awesome photos.  All photos in this post are credited to them.  Many, many thanks, indeed!  Now you'll really be … Continue reading What Lies Beneath-Part 2

What Lies Beneath-Part 1

Greetings everybody, Are you feeling adventurous? I hope so because I would love for you to join me on a little trip below the City Chambers on Edinburgh's Royal Mile.  Below the Chambers, you ask?  Yep!  We're soon going to head underground to visit The Real Mary King's Close.  So, if you're game and not … Continue reading What Lies Beneath-Part 1

The Wizard of West Bow

Hello, Readers.  I can hardly believe we are already in mid October!  Where I live the weather has cooled down (mostly) and the trees are beginning to don their Autumn wardrobe.  I've switched out my own closet in favor of jeans and sweaters and have planted the pansies and mums.  The little pumpkins I purchased … Continue reading The Wizard of West Bow